Our purpose is to educate and assist business owners and directors to be proactive with their financial relationships.

Quadrant Advisory is a debt advisory, banking and risk management services firm established by leading Western Australian legal firm, Lavan, and an experienced former banker to provide independent and insightful advice to mid-market clients.

Headquartered in Perth, Western Australia, Quadrant Advisory is operated by a team of experienced executives who have significant industry knowledge, strong relationships with financiers and fundamentally understand how banks operate.

Corporate borrowers look to us to deliver strategic business and financial solutions with a partner who fully understands their business needs.

Quadrant Advisory provides you with a banker’s perspective in dealing with your financier by giving you insight into their decision making processes.

Financiers rely on our risk management and banking industry knowledge to assist with credit policy formulation and enterprise risk management improvement.

Quadrant Advisory delivers strategic, independent and robust advice to clients operating in the mid-market and corporate segments. Core activities include:

Corporate debt advisory
  • Advising on debt structuring including covenants, reporting requirements, etc.
  • Coordination of debt refinancing, establishing market appetite and creating competitive tension
  • Market testing to ensure the best available terms are achieved for corporate debt facilities and transactional arrangements
Banking advocacy
  • Act as your advocate with your financier to achieve the best outcome in uncertain situations
  • Assisting clients faced with risk downgrades, covenant breaches or defaults
Succession planning
  • Assisting with formulation and communication of your succession plan to your financier
  • Advising on strategies to separate personal and business collateral structures
Risk management & Governance
  • Acting in an Advisory Board capacity or as a non-executive director
  • Risk management advice and guidance including Risk Appetite Statement, Risk Register, etc.