The Importance of Corporate Health

August 6, 2017

As businesses evolve and get ready for the next stage of their lifecycle, there is always a need to consider internal governance structures and risk management systems. These are important building blocks for an ongoing healthy business.

A continual focus needs to be placed on growth.  If your business is not growing at the rate of inflation, it is, in fact, going backwards.  Companies should actively seek assistance in accessing debt in their growth and mature phases if they do not have the capacity to do so themselves.

One of Quadrant Advisory’s service offerings is Banking Advocacy.  To provide the best support, the team at Quadrant Advisory would ideally become involved in the business when the first signs of distress are evident.  The reality is that every company has a lifecycle and, at some point, a trading downturn or signs of financial distress should be expected.  It is critical that non-financial indicators are identified and acted on early because by the time the financial impacts of the causes show through, it may limit the options available to your business.  

Early involvement and intervention combined with key stakeholder management are crucial for any business in avoiding more distressed situations.

This is where Quadrant Advisory can help.  We offer advice tailored to your needs allowing you to continue to retain and grow your business.  We will focus on the key aspects of communication (with your financier) and execution (of your agreed plan) to ensure that you retain the confidence of stakeholders as you work through the issues facing your business.

To find out more about about corporate health and/or seek advice on your situation, please get in touch with our Managing Director, Paul O’Farrell.