How Do We Add Value

Our people understand implicitly how financiers work and the key drivers that influence their decisions.

The key elements of how we add value for clients are:

  • Our independence – we are not brokers so we are not tied to any financier.
  • Our experience – our combined experience gives our team unique insight into the operational and decision making processes of the banking industry.
  • Our profile – we know, are known and respected by all major and non-major financiers operating in Australia, creating a significant advantage for our clients.
  • Our knowledge – we have up to date and extensive industry knowledge and keep clients informed about current trends in the marketplace.

Our business is based on four pillars:

  • Relationships – our primary focus is on maintaining and/or improving your existing financier relationships.
  • Value – we provide advice and insights which provide real value by saving you time and effort.
  • Being proactive – we drive interaction with your financier that will lead to a deepening of your relationship, manage costs and ensure you have appropriate terms and conditions.
  • Sustainable – we provide informed and considered advice for your longer term benefit.