Combined with Lavan’s extensive industry experience and business contacts, Quadrant Advisory has the local and national capability and resources to provide the best possible advice to our clients.

The following are testimonials received from some of our clients:

“We introduced the Quadrant Advisory team to a client with a business in intensive primary production.  Their approach began with strategically reviewing the business and helping to identify the risk profile of the industry.  As an outside set of eyes, they helped the company take a fresh look at their business strategy and structure. Paul’s knowledge and experience identified issues the client need to focus on in their ongoing banking relationships and gave credibility to the client’s position.  We happily recommend Quadrant Advisory and look forward to working with them again.”- External Accountant, Agribusiness Company

“We were impressed with Quadrant Advisory’s ability to understand our business, provide thorough and accurate advice in relation to enhancing our existing banking relationship and the debt funding options available to us and navigating us through the process.

We look forward to the expertise that Quadrant Advisory and Paul will provide in the future.”- CFO, Industrial Products Company

"Quadrant Advisory assisted us in a managed exit process from our existing bank who were not comfortable with continuing to bank our industry segment and location. Paul provided us with insight and guidance on how to negotiate an extension of banking facilities to enable us to control our own destiny. He also spent considerable time on keeping all key stakeholders informed of progress and the options that were available to us. In the end, we were able to sort out our financial position on our own terms having kept the bank aware of our plans throughout the process.  Paul's input and advice was instrumental in us achieving that successful outcome."- Managing Director, Accommodation Business

“XXXX is an Australian company engaged in the wholesale distribution of industrial products. Due to a change in corporate structure and rapid growth of the company, XXXX needed to re-bank the business with a view to rearranging securities and at the same time, expand the size and breadth of our financial facilities.  Whilst XXXX has a strong skill set in the marketing of our products, we do not have in-house skills and contacts that would enable us to obtain the best possible outcome in discussions with major financial institutions. We placed ourselves in the hands of Paul and the team at Quadrant to navigate XXXX through this process.  The result was an excellent outcome with the bank that exceeded our expectations – plus, XXXX has been left with a better understanding and control of our financial structure. We are pleased to recommend Quadrant Advisory.”- Chief Operating Officer, Industrial Products

“Quadrant Advisory assisted us in providing a “banker’s lens” over the information that we were compiling for debt and equity purposes. Paul brought a degree of rigour and positive challenge to our information and provided clear insight and advice on the style and content which works for banks.  We found this advantageous in our discussions with external stakeholders.” -Executive Director, Personal Transport

“Paul and the Quadrant Advisory team assisted us to develop a detailed set of Risk Policies and Frameworks. They worked closely with us to understand the core philosophy of our business, our “raison d’etre”, to ensure the policies and frameworks were fit for purpose.  Their knowledge of risk and financial services was evident in the quality of work.  They were responsive and always met timelines even when some deadlines were tight.”- Chief Risk Officer, SME Finance Company

“As a growing business, we are quite inexperienced in dealing with banks, especially in terms of how they could assist us in achieving our objectives . This was no problem for Paul who patiently worked with us throughout the process, educating us along the way. We really appreciated his down to earth style, the incredible knowledge his brings to the table and his independence – having someone on ‘our side’ made a big difference. Paul helped us explain our business to banks using their language and as a result we got exactly what we were looking for.

Working with Paul saved us a huge amount of time and hassle, reduced the uncertainties and helped us get to the right outcome. I would enthusiastically recommend Paul and his team to anyone looking for Banking Advisory or Advocacy services.”- Managing Director, IT Services Company