Fundamentals of a Healthy Business

June 29, 2017

As we have just gone through the financial year end, most people sit down and reflect on their financial performance for the past 12 months and look forward to the year ahead. A useful fact to know is what financiers consider the "perfect customer" to be.

Financiers are not looking for perfection in all aspects, but they are looking to make sure their are no fundamental weaknesses either.

Think about the following key factors I terms of your own company or client base when accessing financial performance. How many boxes would you "tick" below?


  •  Clear strategic direction
  •  Experienced management/board
  •  Engaged/skilled workforce


  •  Sound profitability
  •  Focus on cost control
  •  Robust cash flow
  •  Optimally geared balance sheet
  •  Appropriate banking facilities


  • Timely management of financial information
  •  Well prepared business plan


  • Competitive advantage
  • Stable industry conditions
  • Diverse customer base
  •  Diverse supplier base

Quadrant Advisory has significant banking experience to interpret what banks may be thinking about your client's financial position.